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Finitio can be used in many places where data is involved. In particular, it can be used for:

  • Enforcing data types towards more robust and secure (RESTful) web-services, configuration files, data exchanges, etc.
  • Validating data input, e.g. screens and HTML forms.
  • Coercing low-level to high-level types when digesting data, to palliate the fact that exchange languages have limited type systems (e.g. JSON has no builtin time type) and raise the level of abstraction in a safe and almost transparent way.
  • Documenting data types and schemas, in RESTful resource definitions, NoSQL document databases, etc.
  • Mapping data types in heterogeneous environments, towards a better and simpler interoperability between databases, various programming languages, data exchange languages, etc.

Have a look at the concrete use-cases listed in the menu at right to better understand how Finitio is used in practice. We hope to enrich this collection of concrete examples in the near future, so feel free to contribute your use-case if you use Finitio.